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Note: You are invited to travel with him, Margarida Amaro Portuguese astrologer and fellow Quiron Faculty member, and Maggie Kerr Australian astrologer and co-director of The Australian Institute for the Development of Consciousness , to some of the most sacred places in this special land.

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Please read on - click here - for a detailed description of what awaits you on "The Goddess and the Knights Templar Tour to Portugal. To register: You are welcome to contact Alan Oken to arrange payment and registration.

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US residents may also pay by personal check if you so choose. Alan can be reached via email at alanoken att. Australian residents are welcome to register and leave your credit card numbers with.

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Full itinerary and booking, see below Astrology Articles. Personal Chart Session. Provides in-depth understanding of our purpose and challenges.

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Influenced by Theosophical philosophy, Alice Bailey, and the Ancient Wisdom Teachings, Alan Oken describes the evolutionary process of spiritual self-development with the twelve astrological signs and their soulcentered planetary rulers and the esoteric significance of the planets in the signs. The book features an elevation of the spiritual importance of the ascendant, the incarnational relevance of cardinal, fixed, and mutable crosses, and the correlation between astrology and the Seven Rays.

Revealing the soul's path to inner enlightenment and outer fulfillment, it offers a complete course for the serious student of the stars that encompasses and goes beyond birth signs and natal charts.

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Geared to the student traversing a spiritual path, Alan Oken teaches the secrets of Esoteric Astrology that have been a focus of study for mystics and initiates throughout the ages. More Body.