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Answers Relevance. Rating Newest Oldest. Source s :. Add a comment. Dubai has some resident and some visiting Astrology service providers. You can find Feng Shui and Vaastu Services online through this website too. I have some knowledge of astrology and have done my chart several times, but I really needed some guidance - an impersonal look as to what transits are coming up in my life.

Vinayak ji gave me a very clear but in depth reading that renewed my confidence Glad you mentioned that your new name is Curly Wurly, otherwise I wouldn't have known! I have to add ya. Although I am still learning and practicing to be the best I can be, I consider myself an astrologer. My hair is it's natural brown color, no crazy fake nails, I tend to go sans make-up more often than not, and I stick to normal colors, I actually have a thing for brown!

Fortune tellers tend to have a wide range of people from the IMO ones who are just as "normal" as you and me these are the ones who are usually honest and actually have some sort of psychic abilities to the ones who look just as you describe who are usually scammers or the type they portray in movies.


Be well. Existing questions. Would you agree that those who consult horoscope for selecting marriage partner is a freaking idiot? Your Sign, Experience etc?? More questions. She is still the same — a very well behaved and attractive person. She can be a child and a matured person at the same time.

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Musthafa: Not exactly. I did my graduation from New York Film Academy and later, I did some short films on socially relevant issues. Recently, I directed a Hindi movie titled Switch and the post production works of the movie are going on.

Thycaud, Kerala, India

Also, I am the owner of an event company in Mumbai. Priya: The film, which is an action thriller, has new comers in the title roles. Musthafa: Priya is very simple, down-to-earth and loving. If you ask me about the most fascinating and respectable element in her character, I would say that I like the way she allows me to be who I am. I am kind of a boring person, you can say; a teetotaller and a non smoker! In spite of being a celebrity, she never asked me to attend the parties and to have drinks.

Priya: Musthafa is a very caring person. But he is not that kind of a person who flatters people for his advantages. He is genuine and straight forward. I am happy that I can share anything with him. Also I resort to his advice when I need any. I found my best friend in him. Priya: laughs There is nothing that special. Then he will try to do something naughty to cheer me up. Musthafa is the first person in my life who does such lovely things for me. Everyone loves to be cared and pampered, right?

I too like it and I am very happy that he does such things. In fact, I am thoroughly enjoying it.

Padmanabhaswamy Temple – the world’s richest one

Musthafa: We are two persons with different tastes. Hence, understanding each other was a gradual process for us. The only similarity between us is that both of us like cinema. So we get DVDs and watch movies sitting at home. Priya: Musthafa comes from Mumbai to Cochin just to see me and dine together and that too for two or three hours. This has happened even between the shooting of D for dance. The first gift was a Tweety doll and a music CD. When he buys me something new, he will ask about the CD, whether I have opened it or not.

Generally, I am not that good in buying gifts. I think my first gift to him was a blue jacket. Musthafa: I had seen Paruthiveeran before meeting Priya and I saw it once again after falling in love with her. Her performance in the movie Thirakadha was really amazing. I think, I have become a fan of her. Yes, he encourages me a lot. He really liked the double role I played in the movie Charulatha. He calls me and tells his opinion whenever he sees a movie of mine.

Dubai Astrologer Manish Warrier

Musthafa: Most of the movies I have seen are dubbed versions of her movies; dubbed to Hindi from other languages. The first time my father saw Priya was in a Kannada movie called Golimar and my mother saw her in Chennai Express. She really likes her would-be daughter in law now. He is running a business of his own over there.

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He has got a sister too and she is happily married. Musthafa: For me, it was unbelievable. At first, I thought it is a joke. I was sceptical that whether an actress would take love life and marriage seriously. I am very close to my father and I talked to him first about this relationship. I thought I should give some time for the relationship. His response was amazing. He told me I can decide whatever I want.

Musthafa: There were no issues in my family as well. Priya came home twice. She talked to my parents and had a meal with them.

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Everything went well for us. If we start going behind gossips, people start noticing it. Otherwise, the fire gets extinguished in three days. But I immediately responded to this. There are differences in North and South film industries, you know. Musthafa: Definitely not this year.