February 2 equinox astrology

They are made with a lot of love and magic and we hope they help you cultivate more of the same.

Good Food and Gratitude: These are the Autumn Equinox’s Pagan Origins

Take what works for you, leave the rest. If you find inspiration here we love and appreciate donations. If you […].

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Scorpio Season invites us to honor the more mysterious elements of life. Themes of magic, death, and rebirth will dominate these days. Holidays like Samhain—a Gaelic festival that marks the end of […]. Venus and Jupiter Quincunx over to our Dharma — If we can tap into these opportunities for crucial information exchange with excitement, we will evolve in a new and unfamiliar way along our path towards our true destiny! Anything involving the North Node is going to involve emotional initiation to new levels of authenticity right now.

Is this real? Full spectrum. What is reality? Who am I?

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What is going on? In a nutshell March 21 shines a big spotlight on relationships , with self and other, and opening a new chapter of healing.

The Full Moon in Libra signifies a deep need to connect with each other and create fair, voluntary, diplomatic partnerships to heal the collective identity and our personal identity. We have a love for new knowledge at this time and this is inspiring us, creating an opportunity to evolve our soul karmically and dharmically, we are expanding by embracing our authentic joy.

March 21 is crazy The Full Moon lands on the Equinox and just look at all these aspects!

This Week in Astrology: Sep Fall Equinox & Libra New Moon (#)

Retro Mercury conjunct Neptune sextile Saturn. No wonder they also initiated the methodical study of the sky, yielding astrological charts which captured where space and when time an event occurred or will take place.

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  8. It was assumed that Aries, the ram, the leader of the flock, is the first sign beginning right on the vernal equinox. As nature springs into life, so does the astrological as well as agricultural year begins.

    Sidereal and tropical astrology

    But as was suggested earlier, Pisces, the last sign, which was given dominion over imagination and dreaming, could be the first sign since there is a chance the little mermaid is dreaming of a handsome ram followed by Taurus, Gemini, Cancer etc. Sometimes I get to read a chart of a person born on the border between two signs. Often these people assume they are one sign when in fact they are the adjacent sign.

    Consider, for example, someone born on the 20 of April.

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    All their life they thought they were an Aries only to discover that due to their time and location, they were a Taurus. For some clients it is a shock, but to others, who know the idea of cusps, it is not such a revelation. People who are born right at the end or beginning of a sign are called cusp.

    NOV. 2019 Prediction For Your ZODIAC SIGN🔮🍁

    It is like being born on the border between two friendly countries enjoying the best of two worlds. So, if you are born on the cusp between Cancer and Gemini, you still have the high EQ of Cancers but compared to other people in your tribe, you are far more reasonable and logical Gemini in handling your feelings. That is all good, but we all know that not all countries are on the best of terms with each other.

    Top 10 Astrology Podcast Award

    Between some countries there is a hard border with towering electric fences, army patrols, and security cameras. This can also be found in the zodiac wheel. Since the wheel has no beginning and no end, where will we place the spokes that hold the wheel together, connecting the outer rim zodiac with the axis oneness.